Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My poor daughter.  3rd migraine in about a week.  Her abortive meds just don't really work for her.  She's a chronic Migraineur.   Without daily medications she has migraines almost every day.  With the right combo of meds maybe once or twice a month.  She's had some good combos (by good, I don't mean, hooray - drugs) but combos that allow her to have some kind of life that allows her to plan.

When she gets into these cycles of multiple migraines over days she gets (understandably) upset.  Not just upset but emotionally fragile.   She's 17, she's had migraines her entire life.  She's the strongest person I know to have to deal with this.

I wrote an email to her neurologist tonight.  She needs more resources than "here, lets try this dosage" type thing.  I need her to be educated that as it stands right now she's going to always have these and figure out the best way for her to cope.  I know she is not alone but most times she thinks she is.  

I get migraines (like last summer when I got them almost every day...but they did not put me down like some I've had...I could, and did work right thru them).  Last summer most of mine didn't turn into raging OMG, I must get in the dark and don't talk, no sound at all kind of migraine.  But I have had them and I do know what it's like.  The husband had a bout of cluster migraines 30 years ago, but she has never seen him with a headache so she doesn't know he does understand the pain.

And frankly it doesn't matter because she's the one with the pain.  We can't help her.  

I'm making an appt for her tomorrow and I'm going to go in with her.  She's not honest enough with him and I know I can convey exactly how she is doing emotionally.   Better yet, get her to really tell him by me breaking the ice about it.  

I just wish I could help her. 


Anonymous said...

have you ever tried taking her to a children's hospital? When Em hurt her back, they sent us to a children's hospital. Though she was about Z's age at the time they said sometimes children's docs look at it diffrently then adult docs. Sure enough, the children's found stuff the regular doc didn't.

VO said...

Her neurologist is a pedatric neuro.