Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy nut

Have you ever wanted to go thru the monitor and strangle someone?  This morning I did.  Some woman who is posting to my husbands Facebook accused me of writing stuff I would never write.  Never, because I don't need to resort to talking about tv personalities or Fox news to make my point.

She does seem to get my point tho, that she is following what others say rather than do the research on her own.  She keeps using the words, "smart person" or "smart people" say this or that.  

Basically I asked her if she'd read the text of the healthcare proposals or the summaries.  Because I have, searching for whatever claims that seem so outlandishly odd.  She doubts I have.  She doesn't know me very well does she?  

So I'm calling her out to show me the text.  Everyone gets notificiations showing each persons post in the threads (unless they turned off notifications) and I'm willing to bet others in the thread have notifications turned on and will say there was never any such post written by me.  


susan m hinckley said...

I'm impressed that you actually educate yourself on these things, VO. A real rarity in today's world, where we seem to love to spout our opinions but we don't seem to love doing the work required to know what we're talking about.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's headaches. My middle daughter suffered from terrible migraines for years -- completely debilitating for 3 days -- and she also had an "every day" headache for about 5 years (between 8th grade and her first year of college). I'm pleased to report that now (at 23) she's pretty much grown out of it. The neurologists weren't ever able to identify specific triggers or medications that helped much, but time has seemed to help. Now she gets migraines rarely -- only a few per year as opposed to several a month -- and the daily headaches have pretty much gone as well. I hope your daughter will find some relief soon.

VO said...

I so hate to spout stuff that I don't actually know. LOL, it's sort of embarrassing if you spout off but you have no idea what the heck you're talking about. So I have to do my own research. Plus, I just can't take someones word for something, I am driven to see it for myself. My dad used to tell me how stubborn I was because of this trait.

Your story about your daughter DOES give me some hope. My daughter has had migraines since she was a baby (although we didn't know exactly what it was til she could talk about auras when she was about 4) and I hope she does grow out of it.

The neuro has told me that it's likely she'll always have them...but I guess worse case scenario's with this kind of thing helps if it goes away at some time in the future. Maybe he thinks it's better not to give her false hope until it goes away. I just wish it would go away now. For good.