Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy drunks

Last night was hilarious.  The family went to dinner.  Em was invited but didn't respond to her uncles texts, but did respond to the daughter's text saying she couldn't make it.  

So we all went without her.  The son is hiking or out somewhere til Tuesday so he wasn't there.

We sat down and then saw one of our pals coming out of the movies.  She joined us.  Then the BIL texted another friend who was in our area and she joined us.

So 6 for dinner.  We sat and did a lot of talking about the current hot topic of the day: insurance reform.  

2 drunk people came out on the patio.  A sort of cute couple (in their 20's) with a lot of tattoos.  They weren't sloppy drunk but they were definitely drunk.  The guy started talking to us.  Asking the boys how they were so successful at getting women.  LOL.  4 women at our table to our 2 guys.  A couple of smart-asses comments from our side to the girl, which they totally enjoyed and the guy was off and running with his life story.

And a lot of questions thrown at our general vicinity...who's your favorite football team?  Does he look like a private school/christian school kid?  (he went to both kinds of schools his entire life), etc.  They were very social and very funny in a drunk way.  The guy tried to give us a giant yellow cocktail.  We declined.  I was glad to see he didn't drink it, he was already drunk enough.  LOL. 

Lucky for us they came at a time when we were winding down to go.  I would not have been as amused if they came out before we finished our dinner.  

We left and that was our evening out...spent chatting with family, friends and then people trying to make friends with us.  

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