Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today I have to go to a "retreat" at work.  That's where we close the office and retreat offsite and do planning for the next year.  Me and my boss are supposed to be there but literally there is no reason for us to go.  

Last night at 5:10 one of the bosses told me they had to do a presentation on personality styles (like Myers-Briggs) and she asked me to bring mine in so she and I could do a comparison in front of everyone.  We have two opposite personalities.  She prefers to sit in her office never coming out and not talking to a lot of people.  I prefer to move around talking to a lot of different people.  (which is why I hate being chained to my desk doing nothing every day).  She must deliberate for days her decisions and I make them right now.   It will make for a good example for people.  It irritates me that she asked me to do this the night before when my profile is at home, not somewhere where I can make copies for everyone.  A friend of mine suggested I not bring mine in to make the boss do the whole thing on her own.  I won't take that suggestion for various reasons.  I guess one thing is true, your personality type doesn't vary much when it comes to natural's a challenge to be given something at the last minute and get it done.  So I'll do it.  

Yesterday a girl who is above me in an administrative position told me I had to change a form to say:  "Hours will very monthly".   I am very amused by that.  

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