Tuesday, September 8, 2009

weekend recap

I finished reading Julie/Julia.  Okay book, not anything earth-shattering.  The author is witty but I had to keep putting it down for some reason.  Maybe it was Julies intensity as compared to her husband Eric.  Not exactly sure why I had to keep walking away.  But at least I had something to read that didn't make me sit on the couch ALL day. LOL.  I can see how it would make a fun movie tho.

I also beaded a bezel for a piece of teal-green transparent glass with dichoric glass pieces inside.  I used Delica beads in 904 (I think) with peyote and right-angle weave.  Then I did a peyote bail and strung it on black rattail.  I don't have any teal-green clothing and am not planning on buying any so the black rattail will disappear when I wear it with a black tee shirt.  The glass looks better with a black background so it should stand out.

I went to dinner once.  K & J called and we decided to go out with them.  Fun.  Saw the BIL who joined us and then we saw 2 friends who'd decided to have dinner together.  They joined our table and it was a fun night...even tho it was hard to talk to the other end of the table.  Not to mention that both ends of the table are from different eras in our lives so while they've met each other, it's not like they've spent a lot of time with one another.  All in all, fun tho.

I also went shopping with 2 different friends at 2 different times.  But both times me and the daughter went.  It was fun hanging out with my daughter and my friends.  Course the daughter has grown up with both of these women so when I had to leave to take a call about my friend in the hospital I didn't feel badly about making them talk to one another.  LOL.  The daughter is grown up enough to have a conversation rather than having to be babysat.

So it was a nice balance of doing some stuff and staying home and doing stuff at home.  3 days off was nice, I wish I had the rest of the week off tho.  hahahaha.  Back to the grind in about an hour. 

Oh yeah AND I did my fingernails and my toenails.  Red, red, red.  

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