Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Falling over cuz my toes are numb

Today it was cool.  Cool like 60 degrees cool.  And it rained for a few minutes!  Day before yesterday it was 106 degrees!  

I waited for the son to get out of class before I drove home.  The niece wanted to have dinner with us so I dropped the son home so he could do his 90 pages of reading and I met them at Panera.  I had a sweater but that was not enough.

In Calif it can be sweltering one day and the next freezing-butt cold.  That's what it's like now and guess what?  All the air conditioners are still set for hot weather and when you go into a restaurant it's ice cold inside. 

So I shivered while I ate my sandwich and talked to the family.  Oh and the hub and BIL went to get money and ran into Donita and Tracey so they joined us.  You'd think with a big group we'd huddle together for warmth.

I know some people love the cooler weather (both Donita and Tracey do) but it hurts me.  My toes are frozen since I'm wearing sandals.  My legs were cold since I was wearing capri's.  My sweater is great for summer coolness but not fall coolness.

I stayed as long as I could but I still had to get milk and get home so I could get ready for work tomorrow.  So I left and froze my butt off at the grocery store.  Brrrrr.

Sadly I'll probably wake up tonight in the middle of the night sweltering.  That's just how it's been lately.

Bummer, fall is coming.  I think it will still warm up once or twice before the cool/cold is here to stay but I've had my warning.  

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