Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I copy and paste for a living

Today the director at work who cannot seem to get a handle on things asked me to give her my perspective on something. I am not going to do it. She's asking my perspective on something that we've talked about for 3 years. I've asked and argued why we should be doing this one task differently. She refuses to do it the way I've said it needs to be done.

This woman has played the: "Can I get your perspective" card too many times on me. I give it to her and she uses my material to upper management and claims it to be her own. Because she can't do these things. She cannot write up a plan, can't write up a justification, cannot write up anything without help. This isn't just little memo type stuff, these are management-level decision-ables, recommendations and reports.

The new big boss came in and asked why we were doing the one task the way we are. Because we are doing it in a very repetitive and labor-intensive manner. He suggested to her we change it (to the way I have been arguing for. We BOUGHT a product to do this task legally and quickly but it doesn't work and when I told her it doesn't work and the seller of the product refuses to fix it she dropped the ball.

She can't really answer the question the new boss asked her so she is asking me what it will take to do it the new way and how will it benefit us.

I'm a low-level admin and I've been told I'm a low level admin. I do not get paid to help her do her job (other than the low level administrative work) so I am not going to do a big write up so she can forward it to the new boss. She can figure it out herself. I can't even understand why she is asking me this since we've gone over it multiple times over the last 3 years.

Too bad I can't answer and cc the new boss. I won't (even tho I think it) and it would help highlight her inability to do this and the fact she is requesting that I "give" her my perspective instead of knowing the very product she is supposed to be in charge of. For crying out loud she is asking programmer level technical stuff as well as strategic benefits for the entire company. No, she can do this without me. I wish her luck.

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