Saturday, October 17, 2009

Poor dog

I hate when our big dog has an epileptic fit.  This one lasted at least 5 mins.  I heard him walking around and I thought he wanted to go outside.  I opened the door and he stiffly walked outside and I knew he was starting one.  Usually he comes to me and stands there wanting pets (reassurance?) and then begins the fit.  

I went out with him and followed him.  As we got to the front steps (I let him out out laundry room door) he began staggering over to me.  He fell over onto me and the steps (his ribs hit the edge of the steps pretty hard) and I just kept hugging him and telling him it was ok.  I don't really think he hears me when he is having the fit but it helps reassure me.

This one went on long enough that I thought he was having a stroke.  He was panting hard and his eyes were wild.  

He slowly came out of it and stood right up and took a few steps away from me.  I called to him and he came to me and then went to get a drink of water.  I was afraid he was going to have another and fall into the tub of water.  

A few mins after that he walked around the yard, peed and then went exploring the yard.

I hate that he has these.  He doesn't have them often enough to give him daily medication.  But it really worries me that they're lasting longer than they used to.  

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