Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's not as straight forward as I thought - deviated septum

Yowie my head hurts.  I think I'm sick.  Coincidentally I went to the ENT doc yesterday.

I need to get my deviated septum fixed.  After my tangle with the tree that broke my nose last May I've been deviated.  And I've been having breathing problems since then.  It's mostly noticeable when I have both pain and a stuffy nose in the morning.  I guess when I lay down ooky stuff pools up in my sinuses.  But once I'm up and moving around the headache goes away.  

Yesterday I went in hoping to schedule the surgery.  I left without scheduling it.  Instead I left with a prescription for a steroid spray & antibiotics, a neti bottle and a 2 month wait.  Because insurance requires I try these things before I can have the surgery.

Not only is my septum deviated but the turbinates are swollen.  Click the link to see what the turbinates are...I had no idea I had turbinates, much less that they could be swollen.  So the spray is supposed to help calm down the turbinates and the neti pot (which is really a bottle for me) irrigates the nasal passages getting rid of all kinds of gunk.  

The ENT also thought I might have sleep apnea.  Because I wake up with headaches.  Great.  Can't I have a simple deviated septum?

In any case I have to undergo nearly 2 months  of pharmaceuticals before insurance will approve surgery.  Although I think if I didn't have the swollen turbinates it would be easier.  He said he'd remove part of the turbinates because they were so swollen.  Which means he'll remove some of the core of the turbinates.  Weird eh?

Tonight I try the neti.  

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