Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mostly I grind it myself

On Wed I bought some coffee beans at Starbucks.  I had them grind it at the espresso setting.  On Thurs morning I opened the bag and spooned some grinds into the espresso basket.  Ding dang it!  It was too fine, it was ground at a turkish grind. 

You cannot use a turkish grind because it sets up a vacumn inside the basket.  No coffee comes out and you run the risk of blowing the gasket.  I ground some other kinds of beans I have for this happenstance.  Why, you ask?  Because it happens all the time.  You'd think I'd learn to check it before I leave Starbucks.  I was in such a hurry to get home I didn't.

And of course I didn't package it up so I could take it back.  I was running late so when I realized I didn't have the time I thought I'd buy some regular grind and mix it with the too finely ground and I'd have a happy medium.  The larger grounds would allow enough room for the water to circulate! 

I went into Starbucks and found out they don't have pre-ground coffee.  So I told the clerk I needed regular grind because I wanted to mix it with the too fine stuff the clerk ground the day before.  She told me I could bring it back.  But since I needed it today so I'd have coffee in the a.m. I told her I'd buy another pound.  

She began to grind my coffee.  She checked it after a bit and had me look at it.  It was perfect.  She continued and then found the grind was getting finer.  Apparently the machine was off as it kept getting finer and finer til it was powder.  She wasn't giving up either.  She got more beans and set the machine to a courser setting.  Finally she got it to grind at a texture that would work for my espresso machine.

Since it took 15 mins to get the grind right she gave me the pound and my latte to me for free.  Yippee!

I love that she did that...although I sure do wish Starbucks would train their clerks better when it comes to grinding coffee for customers.  Afterall, it happens alot and it's not because every store has a grinder that needs adjusting.  

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