Friday, October 9, 2009

The surprise of the day

Wow. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm figuring it's because he jump-started the country and the world back to something less war-like than the last 8 years. There was such an electrifying vibe to everything as he campaigned.

I'm always proud to be an American, but as I watched the last president go down paths I didn't want him to do down I slunk farther and farther down in the seat wishing it'd go away.

In 2003 when we went to Paris (days after Bush declared war), all 4 of us decided we'd make sure to tell anyone who asked: "I did not vote for him". None of us had and we were counseled to stay in the US and not go abroad. As an aside, we were not hassled about it but we did have conversation (with a british couple) and one comment from a taxi driver. Both exchanges were of puzzlement on why Bush was being the way he was.

I'm against war, I know, I know, support our troops, support our commander in chief. I don't have to approve of the war I can still support the guys who went there and performed their duty.

So when Obama came with messages of peace, he handed us back the hope that we could be proud of this country again. That we could sit across the table and converse with diplomacy, that he'd close Gitmo, that we'd go back to civility. Those things were the things I grasped onto.

I wasn't the only one. And I thought there was a palpable difference.

That's why Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize.

Early evening: I'm adding to this post. I'm amazed at how many people are railing against Obama getting the award. Many of them confuse the duties of the presidency with getting the award. Cries of: He hasn't done anything in the 11 days he was in office or What has he done? Tell me what wars has he stopped? Healthcare is still being rammed down our throats! Unemployment is so high!

Multiple times during the day I had to post what the NPP was and what the rules were. I even posted the video of the NPP committee member explaining what A. Nobel put down as the criteria and how Obama met all the criteria.

Why isn't any recognition of a peaceable solution applauded and given high fives by the entire country? It makes me sad.

Oh and btw, Obama is donating the 1.4 million to charity.

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