Friday, October 30, 2009

Is Mars in retrograde?

Remember the temperamental artist guy who screamed at me some months back?   Well, today he began screaming at someone else and was telling her to f-off and all kinds of nasty stuff.  It started because she made a comment about how he doesn't like to share the mac laptop (that happens to be a general laptop that belongs to no one person but he thinks he's the only one who can use it).  He went off on her.  Used the F word at least a dozen times and was screaming loud enough for us to hear at the front of the office.    

She asked him numerous times to get out of her office and he wouldn't.  He finally left just to come back in slam the laptop on her desk and throw the mouse on top of that.

She came out and told all of us what had happened and she was upset and crying.  Two men who work with them heard the entire thing and is backing up her story exactly as she tells it.

She called her boss who was at a lunch meeting.  And she wrote him an email outlining the encounter.  Then he came into her office again (after about 30 mins) and told her he wanted to talk to her and he kept saying "Don't be like that.".  We all know he wanted to apologize but she did not want to talk to him.   She asked him to leave and he wouldn't.  He shut the door and when she tried to open the door he took her by the shoulders and said he wanted to talk to her.  This happened repeatedly.  Finally she told him to let go and let her out otherwise she was calling me.

He let her go, she came out to me crying and practically hysterical.   Right on her heels he came carrying his bag.  He left the office without saying anything. 

There were 2 other people at my desk and they heard her retell the story.  

She left and saw her boss and the big boss in the parking lot.  She told them the story.  The big boss came in and asked to see me.  I told her the story with the caveat that I could only tell her what I saw and heard.  I also told her how he treated me months ago.  She apparently didn't remember that altercation (or claimed to not know about it) but it did show a trend).  Then the girls boss came in and asked to see me.  I told him the story.

Then they called HR.  Apparently he's being put on an administrative leave until they can investigate.   He's crossed the line too many times.   He makes really bad choices and his anger flares at the slightest thing.  It's usually with no provocation, he just takes things way over the top.  I'd hate to see him lose his job (he has a wife and 2 little kids) but you reap what you sow and he's been reaping bitter stuff all over the place.  I don't know when they will tell him (or if they already have).  I can almost imagine him quitting but maybe not because of his family.

After that all happened the hub called to tell me that a truck crashed into a building 6 houses away from us and either the driver killed someone or was killed or badly injured.  That was about 4 that he called me and the cops are still there, the street is all blocked off and it's after 9 p.m.

Oh and T's mom called me this morning and said she was trying to keep all visits and phone calls to a minimum so her son could fight the cancer.  She's finally understanding that he will not have any better days and he's pretty close to death.  She is rescinding her ban and everyone can come visit him.  She thanked me for being honest (because I kept encouraging her to let people talk to him and told her I thought he was so tired and needed her to let him to whatever he wants to do and to just make him as comfortable as she can).  Evidently she finally heard the doctors words that he doesn't have much time & I think she finally heard what me and a couple of others have very gently tried to tell her without being flat out tactless.  

What a horrible day. 


Anonymous said...

If that man does that to his co-workers, imagine what he puts his family through! What a jerk!

My prayers are with your friend.


VO said...

I know. My line of thought is exactly the same. Although it also occurs to me that since his wife rules him with an iron fist he might be meek and mild at home and takes out all of his anger at work.

Thanks for the prayers for T. He and his family appreciates it I'm sure.