Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Traveling soon

Tomorrow I go to work and when I get home I pack to drive up to Ojai.  Here are some great photos of the town and surrounding area.  I have a friend who lives up there and every year there is a yoga conference which I used to go to but now I can't afford. But I know a ton of yogis who fly in from all over the US so I get to see a great number of friends while I'm up there.

Mucho love to my friend H who invites me to stay in her little house.  We hang out drinking coffee and chat it up all weekend.  I don't do many things outside of my town so this is a real treat for me.  I am so looking forward to it.  

I am not looking forward to the drive (I really would rather have a driver take me there and come pick me up on Sunday).  I hate driving, I have a phobia about driving.

No really, a true phobia.  If it gets too bad I'll pull off the road and take a rest.  Last year I hitched a ride with 2 yogi's but they aren't here this year so I will miss them (not just for their driving either).

Just one more day of work to get thru.  

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