Friday, October 16, 2009

Just a thing or two to learn from

Yesterday I saw a woman who had a full-grown iguana on a leash. She sat on a planter and tried to get people to register to vote. The iguana was a good ploy to get people to stop. The iguana climbed up the tree at one point.

Today I saw 2 men who had a shepard that looked like it was part wolf. It was HUGE and had a bristle back (maybe it was part ridgeback?) but it's legs were very long and slender. Pretty dog. Good thing it was leashed tho.

Last Sat night I found I got a new ATM card. It probably came the week before but I never saw it. I found the envelope by happenstance and opened it even tho it was unmarked. My new card was in it. I looked for an envelope that might contain the PIN but could not find it. It has to be here somewhere cuz mail does not get thrown away here very often. In any case I decided that I HAD to go to the bank and have them give me a PIN. I don't have any way to get ANY cash. I had to borrow 20 from my friend and I need to pay her back.

I left early on Wed. to go to the bank. I was there by 8:00 a.m. The bank doesn't open til 9 and it closes at 5. I work from 8:30 to 5:30. I cannot do my banking during the week. Dang it.

The big boss told me (after she overheard me telling my boss the story). She very helpfully, I say with some sarcasm, told me it was open on Saturday.

Today she spent 3 hours at her bank tranferring her accounts from one bank to another; during working hours I might add. How nice for her that she can do that.

Some hours later she casually told me and my boss that her retirement from her last job (which as a very high profile company here in town where she was the CEO) would only last 2 more years...that she would only get yearly checks from them for 2 more years. She mentioned that they are larger than her yearly pay at this job (she makes 140k a year). And when those check stop after 2 more payouts she's gonna be poor because she won't have any income. She told us she might end up being a bag lady.

Hmmmm, let me see, she owns 3 homes (one in Carmel, CA) she currently makes at least 300k a year in checks and she's been investing for decades. I told her in all seriousness, "I really, really don't think you'll be a bag lady. And if you are a bag lady it will be a very expensive bag."

The 3rd thing she did was decide she was going to not buy season tickets for a philharmonic here in town. So she called to tell them since she'd just gotten an email asking her to purchase. The person on the phone said, "Ohhhh, you're MM, the ex-CEO of XXX company? Oh, I wish you'd continue your subscription!"

She comes out of her office to tell me how embarrassing it was that the woman knew who she was.

Ah huh, yeah, I'm sure she was tickled pink that a common person working in the box office knew who she was.

Ya know why this bothers me? Because some of the workers in our office have started to go to this charity that buys food that is near it's expiration date and offers whatever they have at 20.00. You basically get 5 or 6 grocery bags of food and sundry items for that 20.00. And she walks around telling all of us who have pay cuts (she does too, just to be fair) but some people are having to cut way back due to the cuts. Why can't she keep her stuff private? She has no tact.

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