Monday, October 5, 2009

Oct shut in

It's cold. It's unusual to have weather this chilly this early in Oct. I associate Halloween with the weather turning from warmish to windy cold.

This year the tail end of Sept took a turn into fall weather. And I'm not very happy about that. Means I have to find all my warmer clothes and get new boots. I wish for very warm boots, one flat pair and one with heels. Seems I can't find pants that are short enough to wear flat shoes so I must resort to heels.

I shake my fist at cold weather. At the colds it's brings (I've already had my cold for winter so please, no more colds). I'd spit in the face of winter but it's likely to come back at me so forget that. Basically this weekend I stayed inside and didn't venture out because I was sick. bah.

I guess I'd better start knitting again. Keeps me warm having woolen scarves wrapped around my neck AND having a scarf project on my lap.

I still neeeeed to learn how to knit socks. I hate that I can't figure out the heel and turning the heel. For crying out loud, my brain is turning to mush that I can't figure it out on my own. Must be age. $@&*#$*&%!!

Off I go, pondering the boring-ness of my blog posts. I need to get out more so I have something to write about.

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