Monday, October 26, 2009

My weekend away

I hung out in Ojai and had a wonderful time.  Low-key as compared to past years but just as quality.  

Most of the time I spent hanging out with H, we made food, we noshed, we went out to dinner, we chatted, we grooved.

I saw an ex co-worker who caught me up with all the news from my old work.  That was fun.  I haven't seen her in 5 years.  Funny, we went to Ojai together 6 years ago, repeated it 5 years ago and both went on with our lives.  

On my way home I decided to drive over and see my friend who is dying of cancer.  He's finally at home.  He does not look good, he's lost a bunch of weight and looks like he's on death's door.  

He was sitting in a wheelchair tho.  And he was fairly awake when I got there.  Another visitor was there, his mom was there and the aide.  The aide is 20 and he did a good job while I was there.  We took him for a walk around the block and when we got back he did a little physical therapy and promptly fell asleep.  Just riding around in the sun took a lot out of him.

He's always been very, very quick but yesterday no.  He could keep focus for about 2 mins and then faded into this internal place.  Then he'd pop back into conciousness (not that he was unconsciousness when he went internal, he just wasn't present).  

His mom is still keeping some people away telling them to wait til he has a better day.  I asked her to please let a couple of people talk to him, there is one guy at work that keeps trying to call but she won't let him talk to him.  I asked specifically for T to take that one phone call.  She promised me she would.  I told her she needed to let T hear the people who wanted to tell him what he meant to them.  I got teary because it's important to him that he know people care and people want him to know that.  

His mom did tell me that under no circumstances would she let his boss talk to him.  He can't stand her and they both think she is stupid.  Sadly she means well but has no connection to him or anyone else so I can't blame them.  She won't be hearing from them and they won't let her near him even by phone.  

I spent an hour there and then came home.  

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