Thursday, April 30, 2009

A little more levity every day

Today one of the guys at work was talking about how worried he was about the piggy flu.  He wanted his partner to bring home some masks so he could protect himself.  His partner laughed at him and refused.  So he told us the story and yes, we laughed at him.

Not that we think the piggy flu is a laughing matter.  But we all do think the fear mongering is part of the reason people are so frantic about everything.  A lot of it is the media, a lot is the re-education of the media by the political machine which made a career out of putting the fear of terror in the general populous.

I digress.

So because I was in a makin-mood, and I thought it would be funny, I made my co-worker a mask.  A piece of typing paper folded like a surgerical mask (with a little tuck for his nose even), I punched holes in the 4 corners and added string so he could tie it around his head.  I decorated  it with using markers with something similar to this: 

A pig snout.  When he saw it, he laughed and laughed.  And then he put it on, thanked me and walked back to his office down the hall.

My co-workers are so funny, they let me joke around and have fun and they go right along with it.   Making the thing was fun, waiting for him to show up was fun and then him playing along was fun.  One of the bright spots in my day.  Contrast that with the fight 2 of my co-workers got into (one girl was shaking she was so mad) I needed the levity.

The world needs more levity. 


Donita Curioso said...

This is a great idea. You'd have to be able to move fast to manufacture something like this to fit whatever scare is current. For bird flu you could make a beak.

Well, now they're saying this flu isn't any more dangerous than the regular seasonal flu. It's still a good idea to take precautions, but we don't need to wear masks, which aren't all that effective anyway.

VO said...

Ya see I was thinking all kinds of different designs - for the fashional hypokondriac. And when you really needed to have a specific design (like the last 3 or 4 Lets Cry Wolf Pandemics) you could just make a few specific to that animal (avian, SARS, piggy).

The time has already passed for the piggy flu, it was paranoia rather than true virulence that spurred the frenzy.

VO said...

that's fashionable. Not fashional. duh.