Monday, June 22, 2009

2 things, one is huge: the MIL

Ya know I can talk to about anyone. So I do.

Today some youngster, in his mid-20's guy asked me out on a date. I am not kidding. Bwhahahaha.

I don't look young, I look like a 51 year old woman. Exactly as I am. Hilarious.

Ok, totally different subject. The home where my MIL is going thru hospice called saying that the MIL woke up and was talking.

She's been in a semi-comatose state (not really comatose) but unable to communicate, not even with her eyes. She hasn't really opened her eyes in about a month or maybe more. A few weeks ago we thought maybe she was going to die. And I mean we thought we were sitting at her deathbed.

The husband and daughter drove out there. I called and I talked to on the phone. She sounds she's got a horrible sore throat...but some of what she said I could understand. And she understood me and responded to me. I asked if she was going to sit up and eat some ice cream. She said, "Not right now". Her voice is very froggy and slurry but she's not moaning and grunting or speaking gibberish. It's like she's got a mouth full of cotton. Then I told her I'd have the hub bring her a nice cold coke with lots of ice (her fav) and she said "That would be nice." I yelled a few more things, she answered a couple of other times (sometimes the daughter had to translate), all in all, a whole conversation.

The daughter and hub said she wasn't really very understandable when they were talking to her but she started to respond when I started talking to her. I think it's my higher voice and the hub said I was talking louder than he was. Which is hard to imagine as his normal speaking voice is about 3 times my normal volume. But his voice is substantially lower than mine and when she was ok she always had a hard time hearing both boys but could hear my voice.

So it was nice, it was fab to have the MIL sort of appear back in this reality. I don't know for how long but we can hope she's gonna be able to communicate with us again.


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