Friday, June 26, 2009


If the neighbors house burns down in a fire and you go to bed after watching it go up in smoke and then you go to bed...don't be surprised if in the morning you see a kajillion cars parked in front of the house.

The story: We were not home, we were out seeing old friends. We get a call from my daughter friend saying the house 2 doors down from us was on fire. We rush home.

By the time I got home the house was fully engulfed. Smoke is streaming towards our house (It's about 10 p.m.) It's hard to see the fire from the street there are lots and lots of trees in the front of their house and their house sets almost as far back as ours does.

Here I am standing on the hood of a truck (in our driveway) to get a better shot. The smoke is coming over my head.

This is a color corrected photo above.

This is the crowd watching the fire. The hubbub lasted until after midnight. The saddest thing was watching the 22 year old son come home and start crying, "My house, my house." and when his knees buckled, it made me feel sad.

What made me mad was the next morning. Cars everywhere, all over the street. Blocking every driveway for 4 hours on either side of the burnt out house. Parked everywhere.

The husband found out later that morning they were all contractors. Hanging around trying to get business. Ok, so I know people have to work but dang it I'm pretty sure the insurance adjusters hadn't been there yet. Some of them even asked the girls down the street if they had their number. The girls wisely told them yes, they had the number but they weren't giving it out. As Jen told me, "I might be young but I'm not stupid."

Good for the girls!

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