Friday, June 26, 2009

The happenings

Jury duty today.

2 doors down the house caught on fire night before last. An electrical fire, nobody was home but the entire house (but one room) is gutted.

Post and pictures later.


susan m hinckley said...

1) I'm sorry to inform you that I am not Oprah, but I'd be happy to hire you.

2) Our back door neighbor's house burned down once -- we lived there for 2.5 years and it burned down shortly after we moved in, and then sat burned and gutted until we moved. Never even met the people. But it sure was sad to look at out of EVERY WINDOW IN OUR HOUSE. FOR 2.5 YEARS (the house was caught up in a bitter divorce.)

Glad no one was hurt, but I hope (for everyone's sake!) they rebuild in an expeditious manner.

VO said...

I'm going to be an optimist and think Oprah is going to visit my blog and read my post and then see your comment and think: "hmmmm, I can give both of them a break and feature them in my show about blogs and how you find hidden gems/people if you just do a little google search."

I was so relieved to find out the neighbors DO have homeowners insurance. Hopefully, they'll rebuild sorta quickly. I'm going to post about contractors and the fire.