Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The planned service

The service has been planned, although some of it is dependant upon items being available. Also, I probably have some of this wrong.

1. They'll play a recording of my MIL singing an aria she recorded (on a 78!) when she was young. She was an opera singer in her heyday. Then they'll play the flipside.
2. The pastor will speak.
3. The family will get up and sing "I Shall Be Released" click that link to hear the song.
4. More pastor
5. Dave (my BIL who is a pastor) will sing The Lords Prayer. (I didn't link this one since I think everyone who reads this knows that song.) Dave has a beautiful tenor.
6. maybe others will speak?
7. close with Let the Weeping Cease. Click the link and then click on #13 to hear this beautiful song.

I'm pretty happy music will be so prominent. The family is so musical. I'm basically the only one who doesn't have a voice. Oh, I can sing on pitch but I'm not a singer. Everyone else is. I hope everyone can keep it together.


Donita Curioso said...

Do they have a way to digitize that 78? I'd do it but my computer is fritzy.

VO said...

First the BIL has to find it. It all hinges upon finding it. I'm not sure what plans they have to get it to be heard.

VO said...

Yay, the BIL found the recording.