Wednesday, June 17, 2009


What the hell. Today we were told that the budget is way more out of control and everyone will get either twenty one days of furloughs, or a pay cut of 8 percent or a combo of twelve furlough days plus a 3.6 percent pay cut. Which did we prefer?

I don't want any of them. If you think about it there are 20 business days in a month. We are getting our financial means cut by one month of pay.

All three choices come out to about the same amount of pay. The only one that works for me (which doesn't really work) is taking all furlough. Because at 3% raises it would take just under 3 years of perfect reviews to get back that 8% of pay and that would be AFTER California gets back on track...say 5 years to get the economy back to levels that are less than freaking broke. So a total of 8 years to get back to the pay I am making today. Which, btw, is not enough to live on if anything happens to the husbands paycheck.

I MUST find a way to make money. Or get a different job. Now that all paid holidays are taken away (and btw, you are not allowed to use vacation time in lieu of furlough) there isn't anything there that keeps me there. The furloughs will not accrue vacation or sick time and it also affects our retirement. Not that I am vested (I've only been there 3 years and you need 5).

I am feeling badly for my friends who have both paychecks that are paid by the state. One couple I know both work for state run agencies so their income is going to be affected by 2 months, not just one.

I'm just sick about it.

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