Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jean: April 11, 1924 - June 29, 2009

My MIL Jean died yesterday. She was 85. She was my friend, the grandmother of my children and a great mother in law.

She had the biggest love for her family and doted on every one of us. She was the glue for the entire family that's for sure.

The last 5 years were tough on her. Having Parkinsons was tough. She lost a lot of control in her life because of that disease. It was tough on all of us and all of us dealt with it in different ways.

From the very first time I came into the family I've been a part of it, that's how much she and Chuck loved their kids. Me and my BIL always felt like we were a precious part of the whole. I know so many people who never have that closeness and that is a sorrowful thing.

She's got the most incredible kids. I know, I married one and am SIL to her other kids. We ALL get along. Our children have always had a great relationship with her, they'd be lesser people without her influence.

I can't say enough about her. She was the nicest, sharpest, funniest woman and I'm proud I was her daughter in law. I wish all of our parents were still with us, each one of them gave me and mine something I won't ever get again and I miss them all.

I know she knows how much we loved her. I know she's finally free of the restraints Parkinsons put upon her. I know I miss her, have missed her since she fell ill the last couple of months. I'm really, really happy I got to talk to her last week when she woke from her semi-comatose state. I'm glad I got to tell her I love you and she got to tell me that she loved me.

Hug your mothers, hug your in laws, think of them often, they know whether you're physically there or not that your love always holds them dear.

xo Jean. I love you.


susan m hinckley said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings about Jean. It brought me a little tear -- my MIL is named Jean also.

And I'm voting for ball chain on that pendant. Very cool -- you could obviously teach me a lot of things.

VO said...

Thanks Susan. I hope your MIL lives a long time and gives you as much as my MIL gave me and mine.

I think this weekend I'm going to go find some ball chain and wear that pendant.

LOL, I don't know about teaching you things, I just dive in and see what works.