Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bored and hungry

Today I was just plain tired. Read, slept, read, slept. Tried to get out for dinner but picking up the daughter (not me, the hub) bringing her home to get her stuff and then having to take her back up the hill destroyed those plans.

I think it's the weather and the fact that during the week I am strenously doing nothing at work. It's the doing nothing that creates a languishing meloncholy. I suspect if I were going hither and yon all day long I'd have more energy. The longer I'm employed there the duller I get. I can't even use the words: "The longer I work there" as I do no real work. This would be me sitting at work staring.

The weather is gray, it's overcast, sometimes cool, sometimes humid hot. We haven't had a sunshiny day in weeks. Maybe I have SAD.

But I'm not craving sweets like that link says. And really if I have something fun to do, something that piques my interest I'm far less lethargic. I am craving some foods tho. I want:

1. Steak with mushrooms, onions and A1 sauce.
2. A whole pile of grilled veggies.
3. Summer fruit sliced up in a bowl.
4. Al dente pasta with pesto and parm cheese.
5. More grilled veggies. I'd even settle for roasted veggies. Don't want any steamed veggies tho.

Oh well, tonight I'll settle for going to bed, it's too late to think about going to the grocery store!

I sure am random tonight.

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