Friday, June 26, 2009

Jury torture

Jury duty today was torture. I'm good if I get into a court room but if I have to sit around all day, it's torture.

Only 150 of us called today (a big change from the reported 1,200 on Monday). There are 2 large room that the potential jurors can hang out in and it was not full today with only 150.

A large group of maybe 50 got chosen to go to a courtroom on Monday. So they left about 10 a.m. but they have to report back on Monday. The second group called had to fill out a survey so the court knew how long their work paid for jury service.

We had a 2 hour lunch. I went home since I'm only a few miles away from the courthouse and it saved me money to eat at home.

The next group of people were excused. The room is thinning.

The next group of 50 is chosen for dept 33.

The next group I'm called for dept 56 but they don't have word when we'll get into a courtroom. We have to wait for word.

The group of 50 for dept 33 is excused. No actual courtroom for them. They cheered when they left.

Now there are 25 of us. My butt is tired from sitting. I've got 2 books with me. I finish one and start the other. This is what the one room looked like after most everyone but the 25 left.

You could practically hear crickets. There are more people than what is shown in the cell phone pic, we were all spread apart. We're told we must fill out a questionairre.

Dang it, it's a dozen questions about sexual abuse. I am not happy about that. I'm ok with sitting on a jury but not really wanting to do a sexual abuse case.

We sit and wait some more.

45 mins after we filled out the form, we're told we're excused. We've done our 1 day of service. Huzzah.

Now that I've served county this year and federal back in Oct I won't get called for another year with county and 15 months for federal. Huzzah.

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