Sunday, June 28, 2009

A chance encounter

Many years ago me and the boyfriend (who is now my husband) lived in a 2 story victorian house with 2 roommates. I think I lived there from the time I was 21.5 to 23 years old.

Rob and Patsy were their names. They were not a couple, they had their own rooms while the hub and I shared a room.

For the most part we all got along.

I don't remember what happened when we got into some kind of row with Rob. The hub says it was over us being messy and kicking us out. I don't have any idea anymore. I guess it wasn't important to me. There are other things I remember about the house: sitting on the couch that faced the fireplace, the glass front window, little window latches on the windows, the bathroom that had a window into the hallway, our upstairs bedroom. I also remember alot of situations with people in the house but don't remember the arguement.

Whatever, we moved out and got our own place. I don't remember talking to Rob after that. I'm sure we saw him around town but we apparently kept all the friends at the time and he sort of faded into the past.

Yesterday we went to a party. For a woman who has been here in town forever. I met her about 10 years ago because she's the mom of a very good friend of mine. We've noted that we know alot of the same people from 25-30 years ago but only in the last 10 years have we gotten to know one another. It's funny how sometimes we are out, we see someone we know and that person knows both of us from way back when.

Last night I'm sitting there talking to a table full of people and a woman walks up to me and hands me a napkin with a name and phone number on it. It's Rob's name and number.

OMG! The woman tells me she recognizes me and the hub from photos taken 28 years ago. She says she's known Rob since he was 15 and he always talked about us and always wants to know if she's seen us at various parties when she comes back to town. She tells me: Call him.

How funny that he's been trying to keep tabs on us for all those years. How funny that he still talks about us to this woman. How funny that my friend knows the woman who gave me the number who knows Rob so well. How funny that she recognizes us from photos from when I was a youngster in the big scheme of things.

We live in a town of 300,000. What a small world that we'd be at a party where a complete stranger to me would make this connection.

Pretty wild.

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