Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last nights doin's and today's doin's

I did finish the book: Naked by David Sedaris. Love him, love his view of the world. Go here, scroll down a little and listen to Sedaris read an excerpt taken from the chapter, "A plague of tics". Having my own slight case of OCD, this cracked me up.

Since I couldn't get my act together here at home we went to a local restaurant and had their 5.00 appetizer menu. It was good, sitting outside watching the walkers to go by while we discussed the book and what was going on in our lives. We saw the son (who'd been at the movies with some friends). We were out til a little after 11.

Later this afternoon we're going to a memorial party for my old boss who died back in May. It will be a fun time, I hope Gare knows how influential he was to all of us. Love him or hate him, he founded a group that still loves to see each other 30 years later. I can't wait to see who all shows up.

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