Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back with a new look

The holidays are over.  I spent the first week freaking out because none of my shopping was done.  The second week I recovered. 

I changed my blog background, made it wider and it took me all day.  

I'm suffering with sciatica at the moment.  My leg keeps giving out.  Hmmmm, cuz I slipped at Kim's on her slippery floor in my heels?  Or because I've been sitting on my butt?  Or because I am going back to work on Monday?

Am wishing I win 20 million dollars soon.  By the time I have another birthday!  

Oh and if you noticed I was offline, I was.  Nothing personal, everyone was locked out.  But now I am back.  


susan m hinckley said...

Happy New Year, VO. I hope your back recovered just in time for you to return to work. And I hope you don't throw it out again when your prize money arrives. Cheers!

VO said...

My back did recover just in time (drat).

My birthday is coming up next month, I'm hoping that check arrives fast!