Friday, February 6, 2009

4 things for today

1. My boss brought in tomatillo salsa, regular salsa and tortilla chips as a breakfast treat. I know, it's weird but our office likes snacks like that anytime of the day. Then she took me out for lunch for my bday.

2. I advised my boss that her Treo was insured so if it accidently fell in the toilet it would stop working. The danged thing is terrible. I hate that thing. LOL.

3. Friends called asked us to dinner. We went, food was good, service bad, bad, bad. Not to mention that when the daughter joined us (just as half of us got our food 50 mins after we were seated) she ordered one of these caterpillar rolls. We were advised it would take the sushi chef an hour to make it. A freaking hour.

4. It's pouring rain, the boy dogs are sopping wet. The rain is making a lovely drumming sound, I love it.

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