Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm wasting my day

I'm sorta stuck here at home. I need to go to Michaels but I need a coupon printed so I can get 40% off. The hub and son left hours ago and haven't returned. So I can't get the son to do the printing. I called my friend who can print it for me (and has) and she has offered to drive out there with me since she needs to buy a laptop at a store near Michaels. But she can't go until her nephew gets there. And her sister is always late. She was due to arrive a little after 1. Now it's close to 3 and I'm still here.

So I'm reading to pass the time.

I can't mow the lawn because there is no gas. The hub said he'd do it but he is not home.

I could have had the yard mowed by now or I could have been back from Michaels hours ago. But Michaels would have cost me 15.00 more just because I don't have the coupon.

Bitch, bitch, bitch. I hate waiting for others. I'm wasting my day.


Billy Canary said...

There is gas in the mower AND the can, just like I said there was.

VO said...

I thought you weren't sure when you left since Liam told me he took the gas that was in the can not too long ago.

Since you told me you'd do it when you got home I thought thats what would happen. But it was getting late by the time you got home.