Saturday, February 21, 2009

Errands with good results

If you stop at the goodwill store to see if you can find some wool, you might end up finding a cashmere sweater for $5.00. Unluckily for me it looks to be a little too small so it'll probably be felted...unless I can block it larger.

Blocking is another one of the magic tricks you can perform with wool. I've been working on a red wool scarf, finished it last night and then rinsed it with cool water. I hung it to dry on the shower rod pinning it to the fabric shower curtain.

It stretched about 2 ft. Maybe a little more even. So now I have a long scarf and it looks like I spent a really long time knitting all that yardage. I'd like to take the time to stretch it so it's wider, there is some yarnovers on both side that should be opened up some but it does work the way it is.

I was out and about today on a mission to get my glasses adjusted. The nose pads were killing my nose. I have a really deep, really red irritated spot underneat the left pad. OMG, by evening if I move my glasses up my nose (cuz they always slide down) it feels like it's on fire. You can't see the red spot unless I take my glasses off but when show someone they say: Eeeewwwww, that looks like it hurts.

So the glasses places replaced the hard pads with silicone pads. OMG huge relief. And now my glasses stay where I put them. They don't slide down. Yay.

I am totally indebted to the lady who fixed my glasses at no charge.

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