Saturday, February 21, 2009

The best gift giving is thoughfulness

Book club was fun. Pretty much every one had the very same reaction I did to the book. Great for the first half (or so) and then downhill from there because there were too many subjects (like every disasterous thing that happened in the US since Columbine.)

Dinner was fab, homemade bean soup, salad, french and sourdough bread. Homemade carrot cake. Wine and coffee. Perfect for a winter evening.

Since it's Feb and my birthday month, it's presents for me from all the girls. I have to say the girls always outdo themselves giving nice gifts. Thoughtful - and I am always touched that each person gives a gift tailor made for the birthday girl. I place high value on really trying to give something that is meaningful and special.

Over the years I've gotten plenty of gifts that are just something to give in a bag and the thoughtlessness of that says plenty.

I love these friends who always puts forth so much thoughfulness it. I know what it takes me to think of something special for someone, it can take weeks to find the right thing and I appreciate when someone does the same for me.

So it was a fun night and afterwards I came home.

And now I am going to bed.

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