Monday, February 23, 2009

cooking lessons

The daughter has been cooking up a storm. Last night she and her girlfriends made chili again. We had no tomato paste (good) and I told them I LIKE my chili a little soupy. I don't like it when it's a thick sauce and isn't soupy. It turned out yummy and all the girls liked it. Hopefully for now on they'll stay away from the chili clump which is how I describe chili made with tomato paste.

Not too long ago the daughter fried ground beef for the first time. Had no idea how to do it because her friend always did that part. Her friend likes frying ground beef. So the daughter learned how and realized it wasn't difficult.

The other night the hub baked a whole chicken. The daughter stripped it. (I actually cannot handle meat like that, it makes me sick to my stomach). Once the chicken was stripped and cooled some I poured the drippings into a baggie and put it in the frig. The idea was to make some gravy later this week. I wanted the fat to rise and solidify so I could make gravy with less fat.

Tonight I went looking for it and it was gone. Neither the daughter or the hub would cop to tossing it. The 3rd time I asked the daughter (getting more specific each time) she said: "The only thing I threw away was a baggie full of coffee that had separated."


Ahhhhh duh. No, that was not coffee that separated, that was chicken drippings with a layer of fat on top.

I guess I won't have any gravy.

I guess she's never seen that before.

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