Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uneventful day, but still, it's my birthday!

My birthday has been way uneventful. Susan came by and gave me food gifts. LOL, I'll get another one from her at Book Club (Book club girls give the most fabulous gifts). Her son gave me his old ENV. It's the original ENV, not the same as mine but I will so take it and be so thankful for his generousity. Zom's the dog who ate my new ENV2 will not sink his giant fangs into this phone.

Mostly I've sat around doing nothing and waiting my turn to get on the computer. I paid the mortgage and the phone bill. I hate watching my balance when I pay the bills. The bright spot was the nice visit from Susan.

The MIL called and sang me Happy Birthday, told me not to hold my breath for a gift. When I thanked her for the song she couldn't understand what I was saying. IT's always nice she almost always remembers our birthdays and anniversaries. She sounded very with it tonight. As she was hanging up I think Nuffster took the phone from her or something because I heard her yell at him.


Ok, I guess I'll go play online scrabble.


Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

yelling at the assisted living lady who had come to answer her page. She got on the phone just as this lady was walking in and then ignored her while she talked to you. Since it was about dinner time and I knew the lady had residents to wheel out to the dining room and that Mom had only paged her to tell her that she would want to use the bathroom later, I told her just to come back later. Mom didn't noticed that I had done this until she had started to hang up.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

Insert the following words at the beginning of my comment: "Mom was..."

Anyway, Mom was in pretty good spirits and there's a box of stuff there for you.

VO said...

I heard her acknowelge the aide but had no idea what was happening on the other end. But I could tell she was yelling at you. LOL.

She's been talking for months now about collecting stuff for all of us and putting it together. So I assume that's what she has for me.

Donita Curioso said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! I forgot that yours is the same day as my dad's. Uneventful birthdays can be very nice.

VO said...

Thanks for the bday wishes. LOL, my birthday was really just another day.