Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Blue skies! Once the sun came out this morning I see blue skies! Yay. It's been depressingly gray, cloudy and rainy and did I mention cold? Very cold. Not cold enough to snow but in So. Cal if it's under 70 degrees it's winter.

So Feb has been depressing. My list:

Boring birthday weekend: wet, gray and rainy.
Valentine day: wet, gray and rainy.
Presidents day 3 day weekend: wet gray and rainy.
Visit with MIL: wet, gray, rainy AND sat in her very dark room for a long time listening to her mostly complain. *Note: However she did not complain about getting lost the night before and I expected her to do that. Instead she rallied around the BIL's getting lost in a city that she said had too many lights but no lights and a lot of traffic woes.*

Kind of like what I am doing right now so since there are blue skies I'll stop.

I'm working on a red wool scarf right now. I needed something bright because that lace thing I'm working on is giving me fits. So I threw it down in a fit of disgust and picked up the red yarn and started knitting. Sooo much easier, so much more fun to just go and not have to think and count every stitch. I might not ever pick up the lace again.

Yesterday I got yelled at by a crazy street person. In the old days we'd call him a bum. He was bumming for money so I guess he was a bum. Me and my friend don't carry money when we sit and eat our brown bag lunch so when he asked for money we said we didn't have any. (not to mention I don't even have money in my wallet upstairs anyway!). He said he was hungry. So I offered up my baggie of soy beans.

"Nahhhhhh, I need something substantial" he tells me. I look at him and say, "Well, there you go." And he went off yelling at me. About how rude I am. He didn't stick around long started off in a different direction but still yelling.

Kettle, black. Doesn't take the *sorry no money* statement with graciousness and starts yelling at me because he doesn't like my beans (which are very tasty) or my off the cuff comment.

I guess beggers can be choosers.

There are a lot of street persons where I work. Some of them are certifibly crazy. Down the street there are lots of halfway houses for drug abusers, mental patients and other kinds of abusers. The security does help but they're not everywhere so almost daily there is some kind of panhandling going around.

The mailbox guy told me if I ever had a problem to run into his store and he'd call security. LOL, don't worry, I will run and if I need to I'll carry my knitting needles with me. I know mom said never to run with sharp objects but if someone is chasing me I might throw it like a mini javalin.

Different kind of times.


Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I don't know if I got lost. I went to exactly where the google directions said I should go, which has always worked before. When I got "there," "there" was somewhere else.

VO said...

Her words, you guys were lost. Sometimes google and other mapping software isn't exactly right.

She seemed to think it was hilarious.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

It was pretty hilarious.