Friday, February 13, 2009

Word conundrum

I've been playing a lot of Scrabble on facebook. It's a lot of fun, cuz I love Scrabble. I've gotten a little better since playing online Scrabble.

Playing online Scrabble does tie up the computer. I'm usually a pretty fast player but the FB game doesn't have a timer ( Scrabble does) so a game can last days instead of 30 mins or so if you just play.

Some thoughts about Scrabble: It's a strategy game as much as it's a word game. Most new players think it's all about getting a good word, but it's really about getting a good place for a decent word.

Pretty easy concept but you'd be surprised how many people can't see the better combinations.

I'm almost always confounded by how people see things. I have a difficult time paying attention to the little details. Others can't see the big picture. Still others can't see multiple paths but can see only one path yet miss all the details.

Is it a missing logic gene? Am I missing the gene that demands details are the foundation of the whole? Or are the detail people so wrapped up in the details that the larger whole is unattainable.

hahaaha, this sounds so crypic but it's not. It's very simple in my mind. Maybe it's because I have particular personality types in mind when I speak of these thought methods. It might make it easier if I said: Jane does this (indicating her thought process), Dick does that (indicating his thought process). Spot does this and that (indicating Spots thought process).

But it's even more likely that if I were name personalities, every reader would see that personality differently and perscribe different views than mine.



susan m hinckley said...

Do you play speed scrabble? It's about our favorite game in the world at this house. I can't wait to see my college students just so I have someone to play s.s. with. While I'm waiting for things like spring break, I do crossword puzzles, or if I'm particularly desperate, play speed scrabble with myself and therefore, no competition and no speed.

VO said...

I would LOVE speed scrabble...for some reason the rest of my family likes playing "Let's take 5 mins for each turn because maybe my letters will magically turn into better letters the longer I stare at them" scrabble.

One reason I like is there is a timer: 2 mins. 2 mins is still kind of long if you have a good word and play it right away. And I can play against a robot in either Beginner, Intermediate or Expert.

Maybe we ought to play against one another!

Billy Canary said...

I have played one game in the last 20 years.

VO said...

And I think it's still your turn. :-)>~