Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honeyed water

Houston, we have a problem. The front sprinklers are on and won't shut off. Go shut it off at the box why don't you? Well, we would but there is a freaking giant beehive inside the box where the controls are. And yes, live bees buzzing around. Hmmmm, what would you do?

Call someone. Yes. But not at night when it will cost a kajillion dollars. But the running sprinkers are running water.

The ground is awfully saturated. We've had almost nothing but rain for the last 3 wks or so. I hope the leaning tree stays standing.

Maybe tomorrow there will be fresh honey and someone will figure out how to get the sprinklers turned off.

What a weird problem to have.


Donita Curioso said...

Are they just swarming or have they taken up residence?

We used to get them in the pepper tree right next to the Christmas tree sales shed. One year Drew donned coveralls and gloves and duct taped the cuffs and pant legs. We made him a head covering that was a pith helmet covered with a sheer curtain. That too was duct taped so no bees could get under the collar. Then he plugged all the holes in the tree with spray foam. After that he dropped in a couple flea bombs. the next day the bees swarmed out of the tree, hung around for a day and then left.

I've seen professional bee removers use a big sprayer filled with soapy water. They spray the swarm and the bees drop off. The soap clogs their air holes and they can't breathe.

Good luck.

VO said...

Oh it's a hive, it's their permanent residence. They've been there a long time (maybe 3 or 4 years).

I'd like to find a way to keep the honey...but without a pro to get them to move I dunno about that. I don't want them killed.

Donita Curioso said...

Heh! I think I'd rather buy honey. We had bees living in our barn wall. Once we opened it up and got some honey out. It tasted like crap.

VO said...

I think it's kind of a good experiment. We have so many fruit trees and flowers around it might taste good. maybe.

Donita Curioso said...

Ours tasted like it had been inside a musty barn wall. I hope yours doesn't taste like the inside of a sprinkler box.

VO said...

LOL, it might.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I bet a beekeeper would move them or at least tell you what you could do with them.