Friday, February 27, 2009

My morning convincing the dog to come inside

It was a mere 12-15 mins to get the dog inside so the hub could leave this morning. He can't do it, the dog will not come to him at all. Heck, I can barely do it, and I feed the dog every night.

Aren't dogs supposed to be subject to the alpha dog whims?

He is such a pain in the ass.


Donita Curioso said...

Charlie gets bratty about this sometimes. I know you're not supposed to train them this way but if I want to guarantee that she'll come to me I'll say, "Treat!" and she comes right away. Of course, I have to give her the treat when she comes in. It's better than chasing her up and down the street.

VO said...

Zom's does not care if you have a treat. He is not fooled by a tasty morsel. He salivates but he sits there trying to outlast you. He knows if he gets the treat he will be inside in short order.