Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The tricks on me

Some lunchtimes I noodle around with knitting. Not the lace tho. That takes all my concentration and people always stop by to talk to me if I'm outside knitting.

A simple knit I can do while talking. Anything more than that I have to put the knitting down.

Today I was knitting with a nice (and very inexpensive) wool yarn. Click here. You get a lot of wool yarn in this skein. It's a nice weight for a scarf and you can make a few scarves out of just the one skein.

I love wool for a couple of reasons. It's warm, it can have many textures, it comes in cool handdyed colors (if you can afford it) and it felts. Some people don't like that it felts. I love that ability.

My favorite thing is that if I come across a knot (which there are quite a few in that brand of yarn) I can cut the yarn and felt it together with just my hands and some water and friction. If you put it together just right you can't even tell the strand was 2 seperate strands moments before. Very cool trick.

Today I cam across a knot. I cut the knot out of the yarn. A friend came up to me and chatted about work. She left and I picked up my yarn, wet the two ends and started rubbing my hands together with the felt trapped between my palms.

Perfect, the join was perfect. All is well.

Til I started knitting. I realized, in short order, that I'd freaking felted the working strand to the tail of the scarf! Not to the strand coming from the skein!


I put away my yarn, went back to work and had to tell everyone about what a dork I'd been with the fabulous trick that was actually a trick on me.

I live an exciting life.


Donita Curioso said...

It's the little things...

Actually, that is a pretty cool little trick.

VO said...

LOL, it IS a very cool trick. But not if the working yarn is only 12 inches long and you end up with a funky 4 inch scarf that joins at the one end. Bwhahaha, it was hilarious.