Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Burgers and the MIL update

Last night me, the husband, the BIL and the visiting SIL went out to dinner at a local bistro.  They had 5.00 hamburgers.  With french fries.  Full size portions even!  Baddddddd for me, badddddd for all of us but we all ate them anyway.

Sucks to be old enough that you're been tested for cholesteral and you fail the test.  All 4 of us were good students while in school, we're all somewhat smart, kinda sorta anyway.  So failing tests isn't really the reality for any of us.

'Cept now we are old and we're failing health tests.  For living large or living on the edge or something.  

But how can you pass up a $5.00 burger with fries when a normal entree costs 20-25 dollars at this bistro?  You can't I tell you.

You can't even get a burger like this at a fast food place for that kind of money!

But you can get the same amount of cholesteral at a fast food place for that kind of money.

There is something wrong that I'm celebrating clogging my arteries, no matter how expensive or inexpensive the grease.  Hmmmmmm.

I think we are going back tonight. It was a nice place to sit around catching up, joking with one another and discussing the future of the MIL.

Speaking of which...the prognosis for her coming back out of the dementia is not good.  Even tho she has moments of lucidity, the dementia is her primary state at this point.  The docs (?) are recommending hospice, there is no way she is going back to assisted living.

The talk around the dinner table is she'll be moved to skilled nursing either at the Towers or at the rehab center.  I don't know if any of the kids have asked point blank if she is dying. Or what is her life expectancy at this point.  Or what are her chances of suviving this long term (which is a relative term).  The word hospice gives clues that skilled nursing doesn't quite conjure up. 

There is going to be some kind of assessment tonight and I suppose we'll know something better tomorrow.  I wish I knew what the assessment consisted of (in detail), but the family didn't have that info.  

We're supposed to see her on Thurs night to celebrate her 85th birthday while the SIL is here.  


Donita Curioso said...

Boy, what you guys are going through sure does sound like our situation a year ago. Except with us it was Alzheimer's and a stroke. Dad was doing pretty much ok and then he suddenly lost a lot of what he had left. What a mess. It's hard to know if you're doing anything right. I hope wherever she ends up it's a place that can handle her needs.

(Warning- Nagging is about to commence) Ok, now that you've all had your little fun you can knock it off with the junk food and start eating like you all know you should. This is not the time to be damaging yourselves. Sheesh!

VO said...

THe good news is tonight the SIL saw her and she was totally lucid. Tired but lucid. So, we're waiting to see if she's gotten over the hump of the infection and dehydration. OR it may be a temp thing like what you saw with your dad, some lucid (sort of) moments and then the next wacked out of their minds in lala land.

LOL, I don't eat hamburgers all that often, and now that the SIL is leaving and the family is off of spring break after Sun we'll be back to normal.

But I do know the nagging is cuz ya luv us!

Donita Curioso said...

Mucho, mucho!