Friday, April 10, 2009

The MIL and the reality of legal ramifications, in brief

The positive: the MIL was lucid last night.  The SIL said she knew the year, the president, knew she was behind in birthdays (LOL) and she ate 40% of her last meal.

Good news.  

Bad news: The reality: the longer she stays in living situtions that allow her insurance to cover her the easier it is to deal with her home.  If she goes into medicare, her home is used for payment and everything she and the FIL worked for goes to medicare.

A huge legal nightmare.  Even worse than my doom and gloom views on lenghty probate.  In the future planning isn't our strong suit.

It's been good to have the SIL here.  She leaves today, not really enough time to visit with her but I'll take it. 

Ya know our family's inability to plan for the future worries me.  What happens to my kids if something happens to me or the husband?  What if one of us becomes incapitated due to illness?  What if one of us loses our jobs?  I  sleep fitfully at night because of that unknown.   I don't have the faith that I have the ability to pay for everything that needs to be paid should should something happen to the husband.   

I need a better handbook for life.  


Anonymous said...

Our lesson for this week, avoid $5 curgers and get our affairs in order. It sucks getting old. :)


Anonymous said...

that's supposed to be burgers. I need better glasses too!

VO said...

The question is: Will the lessons stick?

Anonymous said...

That would be a sad statement if we don't learn from this.

Let's go get a burger! :) lol

VO said...

Yay for burgers! Wanna ride bikes?