Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny I'm not

My poor children do not have Easter baskets.  Nor does my husband.  Bad Easter bunny mother.  Basically they got a little candy and an outfit, although I didn't get an outfit for the husband.  I was going to get him a book or a cd but my head hurt too much to maybe tomorrow I'll pick something up for him.  

This is about as Easter as I got today except instead of eggs, I shoulda had ice on my head for that danged headache.

The husband called me earlier (when he was seeing his mom).  Called me laughing hysterically.  It was because one of our friends sent the MIL a bday card.  I've inserted his laughter. 

*Bwhahahahahahaha* On the front was a sorta Gary Larson-esque cartoon of this family of three sitting in this diner booth *Bwhahahahahahaha* and this waitress is standing there with order pad *Bwhahahahahahaha* in one hand and a *Bwhahahahahahaha* cylindrical object in the other and she says "What's this tampon doing behind my ear... and where did I put my pencil?" *Bwhahahahahahaha*

He said the MIL laughed and enjoyed that card.  

This cartoon made me laugh outloud:


Donita Curioso said...

Oh man, that's a great card!

Last year was the first time in 22 years that we didn't dye eggs and I didn't play Easter Bunny. My girls always insisted that the usual Easter traditions be observed even after they became adults. So, I'd be outside at midnight hiding eggs and putting trinkets and candy in Easter baskets long after they figured out there was no bunny.

VO said...

I used to do all the basket stuff, although we stopped dying eggs long ago. Nobody ate them but me and I can't eat that many eggs.

I never did the midnight thing, we just made the kids stay inside and no peeking.

My dogs would probably root all the eggs out and eat em! One way to solve the too many egg problems.