Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That's just how my face is!

The last 2 days at work were busy, busy for me.  We had construction in the office and I had to manage the construction. Because I managed it I was not at my desk most of the day.  It was freeing and so nice to be free from the usual chains.  My boss freaks out if a call goes to voicemail so I am practically chained to my desk.

One of the benefits of the construction is the loudest and friendliest person has moved so she is no longer close to me.  So all of her talking is done in another area.  LOL, that means I'll no longer get in trouble because she has to walk over to me whenever she wants to say something.   Now she'll talk to the people around her instead.  Let them get in trouble because of the extranous chatter.  

She's a nice woman but she has this habit that bugs me to no end.  If I'm working or am distracted by something she comes over and asks if anything is wrong.  Usually there is nothing wrong, or if there is, it doesn't involve her so get away from me.  I don't usually go to others if there is something wrong, I just don't.  I get the feeling she wants people to lean on her for support but really, no thanks.  Expecially when there is nothing wrong at all, I just have something I'm concentrating on or am trying to do something without distraction.  

So today there is nobody up in the front of the office but me.  Is it surprising that there is no talking up here?  I don't think so.  I am alone ya know.

She walks up to me with a serious look on her face.  She's says: "Ummmm, are you ok?"  I look up and say Yeah, why?  She says: "Because you've been quiet all morning!"

I motioned for her to look around., I say: Well, I"m quiet because as you can see there is nobody up here to talk I'm just working away.  I don't usually talk to people when there is no one around ya know.   (this is somewhat funny to me because I just watched my MIL do just that but I am not going to share that with her).

Ohhhhh, well, I just thought since you looked so serious.  

Really how does one look when they are alone working on something.  How nutso would they look if they had the "Oh, look at me while I am typing all alone, even tho I am all alone I am still grinning and smiling."

As an aside, once I stopped watch tv for 6 years when I find myself smiling inanely at some idiotic tv sitcom.  Surely I didn't think those characters were talking directly to me did I?  Apparently smiling inanely and catching yourself at it, does make you realize that you are connecting somehow with fake personas.

So iif you see me without a cheery face, don't automatically assume there is something wrong.  It's just my face! 



Donita Curioso said...

You and Dean have some goofy co-workers. This woman sounds like a complete moron.

VO said...

She isn't really (mostly she's pretty funny) but that one habit gets under my skin.

That behaviour bugs me so much, I cannot tell you. I mean, if I were crying then sure, ask away (although I still might not spill my guts).