Friday, April 24, 2009


This month I was given a book club book to read.  Apparently it's a dog of a book so our hostess told us not to read it.  I am so good with that because I detest biographies.  

Gave me extra time to play Scrabble on FB.  I am so addicted it's not funny.  I have no tv to watch so I usually play a game (or two) if I can.  I do pretty well, my highest score for a single game is 457!  My biggest point word is 104.  I'm nowhere near the top of the scoreboard (I'd say I am an average player of those who play alot).  I wish I had friends who'll play me but I don't think most of them are addicted enough.  My son (who I verbally challenged) told me he would not play with me.  Chicken.

I've also been playing with alcohol inks.  I keep finding I need things to finish off the 2 or 3 things I've made.  I'm actually using them on file folder paper which soaks it up nicely...the ink is made for non-porous material but hahahah, I don't have anything non-porous to dye.  So right now I need a 1/16th hole punch and some embellishments, tracing paper and some glue.  I'm making do with gel medium (which is a glue in it's self but not what I want).  I'm using some magnet stuff that comes in a roll to make a magnetic bookmark for one of the book club girls.  It will be her *card* and will hook onto the bag of whatever gift I go buy her tomorrow.

Nice transition eh?  I have to go shopping for her bday present tomorrow since book club is tomorrow night.  

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