Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yesterdays Birthday celebration - not

Yesterday we took my car over to Terry's, to double check that it was the alternator.  It isn't.  It has something to do with the idle.  It could be:  idle speed control motor, or and idle air control motor, or a circuit problem or the pcm or the flex capacitor or a vacuum leak. Maybe the pcv system even.  All my mechanical friends on FB gave me those possibilities.  I think the definition of all of them is: green moola.  

I drove it back home (accelerate, slide into neutral at a stoplight/stop sign, keep the rpms up).  I'm better now at pressing my left (pedal pressure challenged) foot on the brake while accelerating without coming to a complete stop practically tossing myself thru the windshield.  You'd think all the years of driving a manual I'd find it easier.   It WOULD be easier if I just had to press the brake all the way to the floor like a clutch but that really does result in forward motion with good brakes.

Sooooo, it was the husbands birthday yesterday.  I got him zip.  No car, no shopping and besides what am I gonna get him?  I can't get him music (have no idea what to get him cuz he has about everything), no electronics (too expensive and besides he either has it or it's too complex).  I used to get him food related things like juicers, blenders, etc...because he liked to cook.  Now he never cooks so forget that.  

I've gotten him tools, but he's not really mechanical.  So it's not like those are fun gifts.

My worst birthday gift giving excursion was today.  Poor guy got clothes and some gardening things.  But maybe he'll get out in the yard this week and get it in shape.  It's terrible, I can't blame the neighbors if they're talking about it.

Last night we went out with friends.  We hitched a ride with some friends and then met other friends at a hotel bar that the hub hasn't seen in years.  I had one drink.  Wheeee, Baileys Irish Creme.  Yum.  Then another old couple friend came by as well.  We moved to the restaurant and ate dinner.  

After we ate (and a few friends left) we went to another place and listened to some jazz.  I hate that kind of jazz and it was too loud for chatting with friends.  Having to yell over jazz in a restaurant isn't my favorite thing.  I'd rather talk to the people I'm with.  

We got home at 1:00 a.m.  Late enough that the son and girlfriend beat us home.  The daughter texted me asking me: "What are you guys doing?"  Heh, heh, heh.  

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