Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emergency dental

Well, bummeration.  I had to go to the dentist today.  My crown fell out.  It's been decades since that happened.  

I hate the dentist (apologies to dentists) but one dentist did horrible painful things to me as a child so anyone who gets near my mouth is automatically someone I fear.

Today was no different.  I cried.  The dentist had to do a  crown lengthening and it hurt.  The finance woman told me I might have to pay 500.00 and I welled up at that too.  I'd really like a financial break please.  At the time she didn't know I was double covered so once she found that out she took a different route.  

She's going to bill my dental first and then bill the second dental plan and then we'll see how much it costs.  The code for the crown lengthening wasn't in her codebook as covered (under the husbands insurance) so it might be under mine.  maybe. 

Cross all body parts please.  

But with all that, my crown (a temp) is back in so I don't look like a toothless wonder.  I got back in 2 wks for the perm crown.

And yes, I had to take sick time (even tho I wasn't ill, I was sick of the pain and the cost) to cover my time out of the office.  

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