Saturday, April 11, 2009

MIL and the migraine that put me out

Speaking of engaging your brain, I've slept all day.  Got up once this morning, stayed up an hour and went back to bed for two.  Went shopping, got headache while shopping, got home stayed up for an hour and then slept for 3.5 hours.  Just woke up.

The family isn't home.  I wonder where they are?  

Called the husband and he and the daughter are with the MIL.  It's her birthday and they must not have wanted to wake me up or something.

I did talk to the MIL.  She's very clear, very lucid, she answered all my questions.  Oddly she could hear me pretty well.  Only once did she not understand a word I said.  I told her I had a migraine and she thought I said Rite Aid.  

I asked her what she was eating (my daughter was feeding her dinner).  She said: "I can't tell you right now."  I asked why and she replied: "Because I don't know."

I thought it was an attempt at a joke, the husband didn't think so.  After he told me he didn't think so I realized she was dead serious...but then again she can sometimes have a very dry wit.  So not sure.

The phone got handed to the husband and he told me she asked him who was just on the phone.  He told her it was VO and she said (with surprise in her voice) My VO?  Hmmmm, I thought I just saw her walking down the hallway.

So, not sure how lucid she really is.  She seems to be sorta here but can go off into a sideline life while she is the lucid life.  

On another note, my SIL gathered up all of her knitting needles and some yarn (all acrylic) and now it's all over here.  I was hoping that the wine colored yarn we bought her about 8 years ago would be in there.  I'd bought her enough yarn to make a king size comforter with this really pretty pattern.  It was my attempt to get her to do something besides sit and watch tv.  I know she worked a couple of panels, there is at least one in the knitting bag.  But the rest isn't there.

If it were there I'd try and finish it.  But it's not so I won't.  It would have taken me years to do something as large as a king sized comforter so it's just as well.

There is some kind of wall hanging thing in there.  With blocks of color.  All the blocks are of houses.  Simple boxes with an A line roof.  All in primary colors.  I have to keep that, don't know what I'll do with it but it's knitting she's done and she's an expert knitter.  (even tho this doesn't show off what she was capable of).  I really wish years ago when we were doing tole painting together that I'd had to show me how knit better.  We did lots and lots of crafting together.  I miss those days.


Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I may have the yarn of which you speak. I'll look.

She didn't hallucinate while I was there, but got loopy around when her drugs kicked in, which is normal.

VO said...

Right now I'm not so worried about the hallucinations because it seems like she's gained the upper hand with the visuals.

But I am worried there is a blank spot somewhere since sometimes she can't put some things together.

Like she was eating a tomato. She LOVES tomato' why didn't she know what she was eating? And that she thought she'd just seen me might signify a lapse somewhere. I don't see that as a hallucination but a lapse in time or something.

I'm just really happy she is mostly back.

Billy Canary said...

Her sense of taste has gone metallic cause of the antibiotics. And her sight isn't working that well. A tomato is no longer a tomato.

VO said...

No clue if it's her senses that are dulled or if it's her brain. Either way there is some kind of lapse there.