Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Runaway dog

The puppy has discovered he can climb over the wrought iron fence.  Which is kind of scary because the tips of each fence slat is pointed and could skewer him if he slips.  Not to mention that he could be hit by a car once he's out.  I cannot bear the thought of him getting skewered or being hit by a car.  He needs to be kept in safely. 

Our choices:

Buy a 150.00 invisible fence that gets buried in the ground. 

Chain him up every time he goes out (not very humane).

Buy enough pvc tubing to go over every cross bar between each fence slat so he can't get any purchase on the thing to pull himself up.  (uh huh, like we can do that)

Find him a new home (not very easy).

Teach him to use a cat box and keep him inside for the rest of his life (Bwhahahah, now that ain't gonna happen is it?)

He's a good dog, he's very headstrong tho.  He loves people, but he wants to do what he wants.  Food isn't even a good motivator for him, he wants it but can easily wait you out.  

If I could find him a good home I would.  But nobody seems to want a 2 year old, 50 lb dog no matter now sweet he is.  And he is so good with out demon dog (the one who has killed a couple of small animals who get on our property).  Our demon dog has not had an epileptic fit since the puppy came to live with him inside the house.  Might be coincidence but might also be enough contact with something else when we're at work.  

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