Tuesday, April 28, 2009

various nothings

The daughter is sick.  Sore throat.  She came in here to tell me that she thinks her dad thinks she's got the piggy flu.  I'm withholding any opinion - I'm not going to buy into the whole frenzy.  There are no confirmed cases in our county yet.   He hasn't told me he thinks it's piggy flu but he came in here to announce to me that she was getting sick with a sore throat.  

OMG, today at work was so incredibly boring.  I played Scrabble at work.  I kept yawning and yawning because I had nothing at all to do.

I wish I could craft at my desk.  

Right now I'm going to go find something to do and maybe find some soup to eat.  My temp crown makes it really hard to eat and there seems to be nothing at all in the cupboard.  I'd better look harder.  Maybe I'll eat (yet) another bowl of oatmeal.  

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