Friday, April 17, 2009

Who's there?

The MIL was moved to hospice yesterday.  The husband said she was aware of being moved although I thought his description was more like knowing it's day or night but not the quality of the weather.  One way I know she has no idea that she's been moved is that she isn't stressing over who is taking care of her, where her stuff is, all that.

She also thinks the BIL got married last Thurs.  And she asked to see the ring and she told the caretaker that he got married.  I know that is a fervent wish so if it makes her happy then good.  She also kept calling the daughter Christina.  

The husband told me she's talking to a lot of people we don't really know.  

So I'm thinking conservatorship.  Bummer.  


Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I think the "Christina" in question might be one of her imaginary friends. She wasn't looking directly at Zoe. She kept asking both Zoe and I to show her our rings.

VO said...

I'm not sure they're that imaginary. I think she's drawing from people she's known and has thought things about. Like Christina might be the daughter of the tole painting woman (who was killed by her husband a few years ago in a suicide murder). I distinctly remember your mom thinking she could be such a good match for you. Even tho she was probably a good 15 years younger than you.